How do I delete my account? 549

Going throw the menus with no luck.

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I always just leave mine. Never know when I might need it.

You ok homie?


Iā€™m sure one the moderators can help you out. Just send a private message to one of them

Why not just keep it?
You could take off your photo etc but keep it incase you need us

I can delete your account for you if you still want that.

As moderators, we do offer alternatives: We suggest folks just delete the app off their phone and see how that feels. We do this, as in our experience many people return and miss having their old account and activity available. Sometimes we just need a temporary break from the forum.

Some members are able to take a break without deleting the app, this is the simplest solution.

We can also anonymize your account. This leaves all of your threads and activity intact (so there is little impact on the threads and forum), but removes your email and ability to login. This is permanent and cannot be reversed.

We can delete the account and all activity, this is also permanent and cannot be reversed.

It is 100% your decision on how to proceed. Please send me or any moderator a PM and we will work with you to meet your needs regarding your account.

I hope you will stick around, but understand everyone has to decide what is best for them at this moment. :heart:


Why do you want to leave?

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