How do I get out of this

My name is Suzanne and I’m a crack cocaine addict, last serious BF got me on it,this current serious BF got me back on it.
Now I’ve had to reset my days clean,and am aching and crave sugar.
I also found out my 52 year old,hard working, mostly sweet and caring Boyfreind has 3 other face book accounts, has me blocked for now,and I’ve come home twice this past month and found a crack whore and her guy freind sitting on our couch.
This is Another girl who has loose values and is deep in the game.
Then it was a Mexican ex co-worker who didn’t speak English.
I’m In the past it’s been a Facebook "freind " who sent all sorts of nude pictures that his phone just automatically savessaves,he has fb sync turned on,fb is his entire life,and a bitch who he said he fucked during a fight and then oh,freinds on Facebook again.
He’s constantly coming at me,coming by my work before I’m back from break saying i wasn’t there, has threatened me,has thrown something at me recently, I was fighting, has 3 accounts,spies on me,and NOW I have a job that pays 11 an hour and even though I haven’t started, got my first check nothing NOW were suddenly splitting things down the middle.
He stopped me made me afraid to go to first NA meeting by saying it was to meet someone bad saying it was someone from here because this is a sex sight,a hook up place and I’ve met a guy and his old lady here.
How am I ever,ever, going to save,to travel,to have a life again to have enough to get out of here?!

Im sorry to hear you are going thru this. Your first priority should be you. Do you have any family you can stay with until u get on your feet? Perhaps a women’s shelter? I don’t like to judge people, but ur guy sounds like bad news. If u can, u need to get away from him. Perhaps go to the police and get a restraining order? I hope u find some help where u are. Maybe try NA meetings to see if u can find some support to help u relocate?

Sounds like he’s projecting @Susana
"One sure sign of toxicity is when a person is chronically unwilling to see his or her own shortcomings and uses everything in their power to avoid being held accountable for them. This is known as projection. Projection is a defense mechanism used to displace responsibility of one’s negative behavior and traits by attributing them to someone else. It ultimately acts as a digression that avoids ownership and accountability."

I’m sorry you’re going through that right now. I don’t think he’s healthy for your sobriety, but I’m just an outsider looking in. Only you can make that call.


That guy is no good. Get rid of him now.

Do what c-sun says… reach out to that shelter and the police will help mediate on the day you leave to keep everyone calm.

This HAS to be the first step in your NEW life.

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Yes he’s Tri-polar it’s not recognized but oh it’s him all right.
I keep changing my profile picture in case he finds out which app I’m using and stalks me here to,(see that cat picture I’d never use that),have my phone bad online diary on constant lock,and that eats him up.

Yes everything you said is true,I lived on my own,moved away from him,took in my disabled no polar,diabetic son and had a series of really crappy jobs,lost apparent that was a dump,but it was mine.
And I was clean there.
Happy,now this.
I have this job coming up and it’s such a wonderful chance to have something ,that’s not possible here.
I’ll look into Oxford house’s, I am also going to look into putting my things in storage and moving into a womens shelter, or even a hotel.
Thank you both.

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I have many friends that I went through rehab with that live in oxford houses. The great thing about them is you are around people in recovery. You have a support system. The ones I’ve been to visit are nicely kept homes. They have pretty strict rules but it’s to protect the sobriety of the house. And it seems that the situation you have is not going to be healthy for you. So step back and take a hand up and work on a positive new life

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