How do I message people individually for support

Sometimes I do not want to put all my business on front street but today I was reading and wanted to message someone personally about how there comment on a post inspired me. I clicked on their page but didn’t see any message button.


Normally u click on the person and there is an option to message. That’s how I do it. But some profiles are private/hidden and then u can’t message them from what I gather.

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Also welcome by the way to this forum!!

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If you are a new member, you need to interact, read posts, reply, like, etc. to gain access to features. So that may be where the issue lies.

To message someone privately, click on their avatar …

Then, if you have been granted the privilege, you message here…

It doesn’t take long to reach this level. Look around, read, reply, like and come back daily and shortly you will be able to!!

Welcome and glad you are here!


Thank you I truly appreciate the help means the world

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Thank you so much

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Anytime! There are also some tips on navigating the forum in the Welcome to the Forum thread.

Welcome to the forum