How do you cope with overwhelming anxiety?

Hey guys,
Ive been clean and sober from benzos, methamphetamine, heroin, alcohol, and several prescription / non narcotic medication for 92 days now. Its been both amazing and extremely frustrating at times, especially with the anxiety spells that ive been experiencing. Some of my symptoms include tremors, racing thoughts, involuntary hands and leg movements, high pitched voice, frustration, anger, thoughts of giving up and going back to the bottle or needle, etc.

Does anybody else experience feelings like these and what do you do to combat them?

Thanks for your time. :blush:

I think you need a counselor or shrink to listen to your situation end to end and see what treatment might be appropriate. Think of how different your mind and body are wired now than three months ago. I was just talking about this in a different thread but the world is real to you now and can seem a lot different. I know the emotional side effects of withdrawal can last a long time, but again a professional can help you more with that. Lastly, you are not alone in your situation and congrats on ditching all that bad shit for so long. It might have saved your life…

Have you tried any kind of meditation or self hypnosis type of things for your anxiety?
Mine diminished a good 90% from a daily meditation practice. I used to have mind/body crippling anxiety, haven’t experienced anything nearly as bad in almost 3 years now.
Nothing big, just at the very least 5 minutes of mindfulness a day, started really working after 60 days…maybe something to look into?


I’ve various forms of therapy, and medication.

What worked for me was CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy) along with the will to change and commitment to put it into practice. There are lots of great audiobooks on audible, you could download 1 free with the free trial.

You have to try to live with anxiety, accept it, but ultimately you will manage it and be FAR less affected by it. We learn anxiety throughout our life and it takes time to unlearn.