How do you deal with the guilt afer a relapse

How do people deal with the guilty after a relapse

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I try to commit to learning the hard lessons it showed me, and turning those into actions. To not is a wasted opportunity at salvaging something from the wreckage.


For me… you take all that yukiness, self loathing, fear, guilt and you forge it into a cast iron will to stay sober and use it to propel you forward into recovery…learn your lessons and work your ass off so u never have to feel like that again, relapse doesnt have to be part of recovery…i felt so bad at my rock bottom i dont think id have another recovery in me should i go there again so now its just not an option no matter what


I will take both these on board in my recovery thankyou

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I felt like the biggest piece of shit the last time I relapsed. I felt defeated.

I became willing to try harder to stay sober. I made changes that I previously wasn’t willing to make.

I did recovery based things that I wasn’t willing to do before.

I accepted that it was the first drink that got me. Not the 3rd, or the 6th, 10th, or the 20th. The first one was the problem.

One day at a time of doing the next right thing over and over kept me sober and I learned how to become comfortable in my own skin along the way.

My last relapse felt like that worst thing that ever happened to me. It ended up being the best thing. It made me willing to go to any length for my recovery. It made me teachable and willing to learn.

Today, I call it my final relapse. I remember it well. I never want to feel that way again.

Welcome to the forum. This place has been huge 24/7 support for my recovery!


I had a relapse 18 days ago ,for me personally i now know i never had acceptance, ive now embraced that ,i know i will never be able to relearn ,moderate my drinking ive tried it does not ever work and just takes me back to the beginning feeling terrible again ,for me the door has to be firmly shut no thoughts of well maybe once you sort your self out you can maybe have another try ,all those things the tell you at aa are bang on ,i just need not pick up that first drink then i dont need to worry about the rest ,i stay on here its a great place lovely people and lots of great tips stories that have helped me along on my journey


Welcome to the community! Great support and advice here. A place to not feel alone and be among peers.

I would try not to fall into negative talk or mind space when I would relapse. I would try to detox my body and try again.

It really never worked until i finally changed up my routines (cause before i would start the day or week with not wanting to engage in my DOC but soon enough would falter). I started to find different things to do and ways to keep myself occupied so that i stay on the sobriety path. I do try to love myself and do a lot of prayer when i relapsed.

I am grateful for this community as being here has helped me not relapse this time around. Wishing you well and hope to see you around.

I had a relapse yesterday. Been hating myself all day. I need to learn to be worthy of myself.

Go to a meeeting and find community. If you soround yourself around like minded people then it will be much eaiser to stay sober and not focuse on the guilt.