How do you respond when

How do you respond when someone invites you out for a drink?? I was invited out for a drink by an acquaintance of mine. We aren’t friends or close so they don’t know about my struggles and my journey of sobriety. I told them I work tomorrow I can’t in order to slide away from the invitation but then I had some word vommit and I said next time. I’m very open about everything in my life but for some reason I got nervous. I cared about what they would think if they knew. They are much older than me and being only 22 I didn’t want the judgement. The judgement I’ve gotten for being so young and " already" an alcoholic. I should’ve just said I don’t drink and left it at that but I had already mentioned that I knew the bar they were talking about going to so if I would’ve said I don’t drink anymore it may have been followed with a “why not” and how do you slide yourself out of a conversation like that or do you just jump in full honesty???

Just say you are too broke for overpriced drinks lol :smile::smile::smile:

Good for you! I wish I had figured it out and quit at just 22!!


I do agree if you think you can go out with them and have a good time without alcohol. Do it don t let alcohol still control you.
As for what to say why you don’t drink depends on who you are. If your lay back person. Just say it’s not your thing and offer to drive of course you know you best. You don’t want to feel trapped. Even better say you found out you have an allergy caused by alcohol.
Your telling the true

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Lots of people don’t drink. Just say you would love to meet for coffee because you don’t drink. Nuff said.

Yeah I use every opportunity to humble myself when someone asks me to drink. I like to tell them I used up my bus pass. You wont like me when I drink I promise.

A simple, id love to catch up with you. Can we meet here or there for coffee or dinner? Im sure they wont mind. I always say im not into the bar scene anymore. Or something as simple as i dont drink anymore can be left at that. Then comes the “why” and i simply reply just not my thing anymore. Usually does the trick. Its funny, but no one cares what were drinking! And if they do, their either alcoholic themseleves and want to try to make themselves feel better. Or theyre just an aqantence, not a true friend. Great question though! Hope this helps!

I,always say, “It makes me wake up w Ugly Women.” Humor defuses a lot of situations…unless the person asking me an Ugly Woman. They seem to get offended, so…you know…use judiciously.


It is strange that we feel like we have to make an excuse for not drinking. I know i do to, but why? Why label yourself with the tag alcoholic, it serves no purpose and can be detrimental to you at certain times.
Still feel best approach is to be honest and say i dont drink because i dont want to. If pushed just say you have seen to much strife caused by drunkeness and you want to tap out before you become another sad story.

I often say when pressed that I spent 40 years drinking and I was ready to see what life is like without alcohol. Of course this works better when you are almost 60, like me! :wink: