How do you think sober will change you

How do you think sober will help you or change you ?..

  1. I will no longer be hungover at work or call in sick because I’m hungover. Therefore, my productivity will increase.
  2. I will be able to stick to a healthy weight loss regime and exercise routine to see results vs. setbacks. Therefore, improving my energy level
  3. I won’t have to lie to my son about being “sick”
  4. my depression related symptoms has already improved
  5. my memory will continue to improve
  6. i will stick to commitments
  7. my self-esteem is improving
  8. I can live my life with integrity

This list is endless. Sobriety is a gift of life. Giving me my life back and the chance to live it.


I think it will give me my life back!!!

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The oversharing omg I can relate to that one. I hated that I would overshare all the time


God, I was the oversharing queen among other things. The shame! Ugh! :astonished::astonished:

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The only way I’ve managed to somewhat deal with that shame, was telling myself that they were drunk too and probably don’t remember in full detail just like I don’t remember exactly what I said :joy: lol I hope at least

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Still new, but like previously stated, I don’t feel so ashamed. No waking up feeling embarrassed for the way I acted, or wondering how I acted.

On lighter note, I’ve also found I enjoy reading again!

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