How is everyone

Day 6 already feeling so much better and not craving alcohol at all! Got through the weekend pretty easily surprisingly. How is everyone else on their journey?


Hello. Doing alright :+1:


Congrats on your 6 days! Feeing really good day 29 here so excited for tomorow.


@littlemisschatterbox hot dam. Way to go!!!

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Right behind you on day 5, setting up those day routines to stay busy x

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Day 3 for me! Alan watts has intrigued my ears on youtube. Give him a shot. I am not looking back, god and this community and AA meetings are huge. Virtual has helped a lot during this pandemic! God bless stay strong! Happy Sunday. One day at a time! :muscle::muscle::raised_hands:

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Woot! Keep going. Happy 24 and a 18 months.

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