How much money you actually save


Hey friends. So I’m trying something new to help me with not drinking. I usually drink in the evenings after work. Every day I tell myself I’m going to go straight home, but by the time I get out of work I’m so tired that my mind can’t think of anything else other than just relaxing with a shooter of jim beam. Well, 1 shooter usually turns into 8 and the cycle repeats itself. I’ve been doing ok with going home and staying out of trouble. But whenever I look at my bank account it’s full of - 4.83 like 5 times. So I thought what if I could actually visualize that money. I found an app called TipYourself where you can transfer money from your bank into a virtual tip jar. My plan is to put in 10$ a day ( roughly what I would have spent on alcohol) and use that money for something that will really make me feel good long term. Fingers crossed. Let’s see what happens.


Great idea!!


I’ve saved enough money to actually pay all my bills, on time for a change, purchase a couple vehicles and save money/create an emergency fund.

Before getting sober we were evicted a couple times, repoed, went weeks without water in the house, ate nothing but ramen or spaghetti for long spells, had the electricity shut off a lot, pawned anything of value.

Life’s untold amounts better sober.


I have saved over $6200 in my year plus, by not drinking, and that’s a conservative estimate. Likely closer to 8000 if I added in drinking on vacation or restaurants.

Over a few years, that’s a really nice car. Over a lifetime, that’s a retirement.


I am still skint after nearly two months, but I have been spending wisely, bought car parts that I needed and paid for mechanical jobs. Just sorted repayment plans on debts today. I do need to save though…


£3787 in 253 days. Absolutely insane :scream:

I try and keep everything in the day but I already have plans on what I’m doing with some of the money on my 1 year anniversary.

I know people say you can’t put a price on sobriety. Well you kind of can. And it’s a big one. It’s not just mentally and physically we suffer it’s financially too.

“Fear of financial and economy insecurity will slip away”

I’m getting that


It amazes me when i look at this.