How to build back trust from loved ones

I’ve been clean for 101 days from heroin and opiates. I was highly functioning, still paid my bills and worked full time. The only two people who know about it are my mother and boyfriend but only after I told them.
Now 100 days later I can’t leave the house for a few hours or be in a great mood, or an awful mood, anything absolutely not within what their “normal” is without them accusing me of being on something. I know I have a lot to work on with our relationships because of the years of lies. But it’s incredibly difficult to be constantly fighting with them simply because I was having a good day and was in a good mood for no damn reason.
I don’t know what I can do or say to them, I went so far as to go but pee tests and do them in front of them. But it’s still not enough.

This is a wacky idea but it might just work.

You could try tricking them into trusting you again. Try and get a friend to hire a police uniform and have the “police” knock on your door…

Your family will typically believe you have done something wrong… but then the police say… (your friend in costume) “is this the residence of your full name? You are going to have to come with me… to claim your REWARD for handing in 5kg of heroin and three firearms! Well done!! You are an outstanding citizen and your parents must be very proud!”

Something like that might work?

Do not impersonate the police

I’m not impersonating the police?

@Stellarstella. I know you have heard this time and time again but it’s because it’s true! Give it time. You are discovering a new you and you live in your own skin (and think about all the changes you have to face). Now they have to have time to get to know the new you. I would guess you are just starting to figure out who you are without the crutch of a substance. Be patient with them because I’m sure they were with you. It will happen but as addicts we want it and we want it now. But in reality life doesn’t work like that. Keep up the work and someday you will just exist in sobriety in their eyes. 101 days is doing great!

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Unfourtantly that is the part about addiction, no-one trust you, no matter what mood you are in and they always think you will relapse. I am going through this now with my husband and sister in law. They question me several times a week. For example I am not going to the beach this weekend with family, I need a much needed break to myself, and they both have asked why, what am I using again. It sucks and I try to tell myself if the shoe was on the other foot, I would ask the same thing. I also tell myself, if theu didn’t ask, that means they don’t care, right?