How to deal?

Hey all, was drinking daily for 2 years and now 21 days sober. I’m having trouble with, what I am assuming is PAWS. I thought the anxiety and panic would have subsided by now but the symptoms keep reoccurring. Any advide? With the panic I start to worry that I am going to die, have a heart attack etc. Also how long until it goeswas away. When will I feel norm again.

What is PAWS? I’ve never heard of that before

Post acute withdrawal symptoms.

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They come and go, but do get better.

I had major short term memory problems initially, and about week three it got better. Then at week 5 it came back again for about 5 days.

Talk to your doctor though, get their medical opinion on whether or not you should be taking something for it.

I did know a couple of people in rehab who were on mild anxiety medication.

Was on benzos for the first 3/4 days but those were for the acute wd symptoms. (Those first days SUCKED!), but now just on a daily med that helps some but it’s the panic that’s coming back. Oh, andI irritability. Thankfully no cravings or urges, I had that on week two.

I requested meds but with the holidays my doc was out today.