How to distract myself?

I have been addicted to cocaine for a number of years but I’m finding more and more that it’s on my mind, I find myself spending half my paycheck on the stuff when I get paid and even borrowing for it for the rest of the month. I find it very hard to take my mind off of it. I have gone weeks without it before and I know if I can just keep my mind on other things then it will become easier but I struggle to. How do you distract yourself when you feel the thought creeping into your mind?

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Ive been abusing coke for more than 10 years and i have a similar problem: boredom. Im clean now but usually when im alone, whenever i have some down time for myself i think about doing coke. Because i used it for everything. From working to cleaning the house. And yes boredom is a problem. I try to distract myself doing several things (work out, hobbies, go out with family etc) but the reality is that, even if these things are fun, they cant be remotely close to the “fun” you have high on coke. Its like racing with a toyota and a ferrari. Answering your question: i distract myself with whatever i can and it works. For a while. For weeks, even months. But i get to a period that im so bored with my life that i say fuck it lets use again. I saw a video here yestetday saying that every relapse is a slow process. And it kinda made a lot of sense. I think i learned something with that video.


Hi, my drug of choice is alcohol, though over the years I have dabbled with most other things.
I found that it was best to just change what ei was doing. The act of getting my mind to change tack distracted any cravings I had. Even if I had to change rapidly between activities, which I did in the early days.
Remember that these thoughts and feelings are not real. What you are doing in the moment is the only real thing.

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One very interesting thing that the video mentioned is the mental state. The relapse starts with the emotional state. Then moves to the mental state which is what you said: thoughts creeping into your mind. Then comes the physical state. When you are already in the mental stage things are getting close to a relapse. I felt that this worked just like that in my last relapses.