How to stop again

12 days in, I relapsed.
That was about 6 days ago. The pattern started over again as if it never stopped. I was doing so good, I was actually proud of myself… Why did I do it? I need the strength to fight this, god please help me :disappointed_relieved:


I’m right there with you. The shame weighs heavy I know but you’re not crazy and you’re not alone.


You’ve proved you can do it, and you can do it again. You’re still here, for me that means you still want to. Sending support x


Hey :wave: have you tried an AA meeting? I was following the same pattern as you and I found a way to break the cycle


Feeling you’re pain dol

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Everything is a trigger… Just everything, moods seem to be mine a lot. So if I am in ANY mood it’s a trigger, if the sun is out and I’m happy… Trigger… If I’m stressed, bored… Trigger You name it, it’s a reason… And a trigger… Don’t have any booze in the house, try and make booze a far away thing. If you can. If people are doing booze things, walk away from it… Even shopping, just walk away from that area. So I’ll say it, super obvious, but it’s addictive… Right we all know that, but what that means is just the sniff, the feel, the shape of the glass, the bar… The smell of the bar, the excitement of others going to the bar, it all little tugs at that need or want… Its a scab waiting to be picked… Once you have that one little edge up, you’re ripping the whole thing off… Be away from it… Like all the way away… And from the stuff surrounding it… If you invite friends round and they are likely to bring drink even if you tell them not to, just don’t invite them… Its everywhere, trust me I know every secret in the book to have a drink even when telling myself no… To that end, in my case, no friends, no pubs, no thing… Its all off the cards… For a while… And then I’ll let things back in slowly… Slowly… Good luck… Its possible… They are on here to prove it!!


Meetings will make it easier wish you well


I am so with you. Addiction is good like that…life is good I wanna use…life sucks…I wanna use…life sucks more…let’s use some more…hey life is cutting me some slack let’s use…my emotions run my life atm. Havent figured out how to not act based on emotion…yet


Hi how are u feeling today x

U can pick urself up and go again never give up ul get there