How to stop urges

If anyone has any urges I recommend starting to use the Wim Hoff Method daily. It helps so much, look up “Wim Hoff Method Breathing Technique” on YouTube :revolving_hearts::butterfly: I believe in you. We are stronger than our emotions, we can and will regain control.


Welcome :slight_smile:

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Definitely gonna give it a try! Thank you, friend :pray::two_hearts:

Welcome and well done.
Shows a willingness to try anything to get through what can be a tricky time.
I found changing whatever I was doing helped me. Just changing what my mind was concerned with at the time helped to shift focus.
Stick around.

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Welcome to our awesome community.
AA taught me “move a muscle, change a thought”. It works every time for me.


I am doing a 10 day meditation thing with a WhatsApp group my yoga teacher set up and we did an introduction to wim hof one day. It was really good! Once the 10 days is up I will try and remember to incorporate it into my daily meditation practice. I found it helped clear the mind and was a brilliant way of setting up for some silent/ sitting meditation :woman_in_lotus_position::sparkles:


I knew there was a saying for what I did, just couldn’t remember what it was. Thanks Lisa!


Haha there’s an AA saying for every occasion :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Like Clinton Cards for recovery :joy:

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Haha. Yeah. :roll_eyes: