How's all the good folk doing this week?

Im off work for a couple days, extremely tired so glad to be off and rest, still being sober​:+1::trophy: but overwise mostly good, hows everyone else?

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Glad you have a few days off! All good here. Weather has been rainy and I have a few days off as well so I’ve been relaxing and being a bum inside the house and loving it because I just got done with a busy week of work.

I’m coming up on my 5 month milestone for sobriety so I’m excited for that too.

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Yeah it is that time of year with the miserable weather! And wow 5 month thats brill, hope your proud of yourself

Thanks man! Yeah I used to feel the need to drink to deal with being stuck inside on rainy days but I’m finally comfortable with relaxing sober and just enjoying it.

I’ve got some things to get done so I’m hopping off TS for a bit until later today but have a great one :love_you_gesture:

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