Hungover n feeling like shit

pretty much dying. im dessapointed at myself. the worse part is that i didnt even plan it out i didnt plan to drink all i did was go drop off a speaker at a friends house n first thing out of her mouth was “you want a shot?” without even hesitating i said “yes” n the rest is history :no_mouth::roll_eyes::confounded::weary::flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed:

you didnt fail … you stumbled … you fail when you give up and you didnt … reset your counter and " you got this " :slight_smile:


@Igotthis88 I completely understand. Don’t beat yourself up. I ended up doing 4 shots of vodka last night and I feel terrible about it.

Take care of yourself today. Restore your electrolytes. You’ll be okay. I’m starting at day 1 today, too. :hugging: :heart:


Breathe. Hit reset. Start again. Those sober days aren’t wasted or lost, they are still there - an accumulation of success. A little stumble as @Dr.Lucifer says. Keep gathering new sober days :heart:


My day 1 again too…I had 26 days and bought beer at the grocery store and that was 13 days ago. I been drunk the whole time since. But i like what was said that we only fail if we give up. We are strong. Lets get this!!!

omg u guys make me feel so much better!! i always fought this alone with no help and i NEVER wanted to go to AA i love that i have u guys here anytime of the day thanks @Dr.lucifer @btayzor @rabbit @mg1079


It’s important to try and identify the trigger that caused the relapse. Try and avoid that until you are 100% sure you can resist it. This time it looks like it was your friend who offered a drink to you.


Of course! I tried to go to AA once but it was in Spanish and I was embarrassed. I had no idea it was a Spanish speakers meeting haha… Are you feeling better, hangover wise?

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we are always here for you dear fellow fighter :slight_smile:

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@btayzor, that story about the Spanish AA meeting just cracked me up and made my day at the same time! No habla Español…? Lmao!


honestly no ive been puking all day i dont know what to do anymore even water makes me puke :sob::sob::sob::worried:

thank you :heart: :slight_smile: i appreciate that.

yeah im too new and week right now :confused:

I’m 62 days clean but 60 of them was in jail not shure how I’m going to handle that first time someone offers to me trying to stay positive but it’s hard

Just remember that it is not the end. Just keep moving forward and don’t give up. 1 day at a time.

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oh wow yeah thats hard!! good luck to you. :slight_smile:

It is hard. My addiction is Crack cocaine. I know it is very hard.

ive never done that but i smoked meth for 6 years n that was hard so i imagine its the same. stay away from people who do it. when i got out of jail the first thing i did is run back to my old crowd n of course i ended up smoking. find urself a new batch of friends. i was able to quit when i changed my crowd. i got new friends moved from where i lived n started over. i quit meth cold turkey good luck hun.