Hunted TV Series - Contains Spoilers!


Does anybody watch this?

New series has started today in the U.K.

Sure the US do it too?

Basically fugitives have to stay off the grid and avoid getting caught by Ex special services then get to an extraction point after 3 weeks


Yeah I’ve seen it. I would like to have a go.


I watch them all, even the celebrity ones!

I think it’s fascinating!


I’d like to think I could a lot better than a lot of them. Some off them make you wonder if they actually know what the show is about.


I know- when they contact their family, visit social media or go to their home town. It really annoys me. Sure I could go off the grid


Yeah properly off grid. Dig a whole in Wales for 2 weeks. But then they wouldn’t have a good tv programme then.:joy::joy:


Watched this last night o my so many rookie mistakes. Bugged me the who time that the marine was carrying everything in black bag and two tresco carrier bags. Where the hell was his burgun (hiking backpack) don’t even think he had so much as a poncho and bungee cords. I’m really intrigued how the two recovering addicts are going to get on, and what network of people they use.
On another note did anyone what my alcohol addiction, alcohol and me last night?


Would have thought the bootneck would have got it sorted wouldn’t you
Yeah saw the programme.


:joy::joy: damn auto correct I just reread my post, definitely be watching it next week, I’d love to give it a go just to see what I’m made of


Ok who’s watching tonight? @DarrenUK @Geo


I’ll be there!


Cool, who do you think will get caught tonight? I reckon the lone girl in Scotland


I’m hoping no one, but she does seem to be most likely. How about you?


I’ll be starting it in 15 mins once I’ve finished this prison documentary :grinning:

Yes the lone girls going to get caught and maybe one of those ex offenders


On it. That bloke Nick just stood there looking over the gate.


Yes the bootie’s gone to the hills


Well nobody got caught last night, didn’t even show most of the fugitives


Can’t believe the marine left info lying around!
And I had to laugh at the girls, they had the right idea but went for the stranger in a foreign city look, instead of trying to blend in.