Husband bought beer

My husband is a very moderate drinker, and during my many attempts to stop I have encouraged him to keep drinking his one or two beers a day, it was my problem, not his, etc. This time he also said he would quit, and the last 3 months we have both been sober. But today, at the shop, beer was cheap, so he bought some. Having all kinds of thoughts - happy he thinks I can be trusted, slightly disturbed how much they are occupying my mind, even tho I am not really a beer drinker, vindicated that he obviously finds not drinking at all a challenge also. I know many of u live with heavy drinkers, I am in a much easier situation than that, just wanted to tell someone about this development.


People who dont have a problem not drinking sometimes unintentionally dont realize what a challenge it can be not to drink when the temptation is there. My friends still ask me out for a drink out of habit… I have relapsed once because of that (not their fault at all) the temptation is so strong. When dieting I have a friend who would always say " be stronger than the donut " good advice hard execution… you can do it… be stronger than the beer. And when you do the accomplishment will feel so great. (Wouldn’t hurt to have it out of plain sight, lol)


Remember you are your own self, you didn’t drink before he bought them and you still don’t, nothing has changed, there was never anything stopping you buying them if you wanted to but you didn’t did you, they are not your beers. If your neighbour buys a nice car that you like you will just look at it and think, coorr that’s nice, wish I had one, and that would be the end of that thought, you wouldn’t just go and take it because you feel you got the right.
You also have no right drinking today, it’s not who you are anymore, your far better than that.


Thanks for that @Dolse71, u always have a nice way with words, u r right, for me, nothing has changed.

@Acall111484 I agree, totally unintentional, he probably has no idea it is preying on my mind in any way.

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i also like to read your tips, advice and posts. your very good with putting it all together

i tried writting a book a billion times and i never got it fished
the 1st time i wrote it it was soo perfect and i had a lot of pages in it. it was perect but i messed up a chapter and got self councious and threw it away. oh man do i wish i didnt do that

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Start now, Chapter one.

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