Hypnosis helpful?


I’ve heard that some people have had help with addiction using hypnosis and was wondering if anyone has tried it. Obviously it wouldn’t solve my alcohol addiction, but I’m wondering if it helped anyone control their craving or help with the anxiety


Eh. No need to brainwash yourself. Make a rational decision to quit and then fully analyse any craving you get. Meditation helps clear your head so that you are in control of your thoughts.


I tried it with smoking and went out thw night after and smoked a pack.
I didnt seem to do anything honestly. I was more upset that it kind of controlled me that much so i quit a week later for 2 years. Started back up for 3 then quit cold turkey. Been over 12 years now.


Thanks! I was wondering too if anyone tried meditation @nullcorp, was thinking that may be helpful in calming the anxiety, or yoga etc


Congrats!!! That’s awesome! More I talk to people cold turkey or groups seems to be most helpful


I’ve tried a lot to battle anxiety and depression issues and mindfulness has been the number one help. Nothing fancy, just sessions of being alone in silence and truly relaxing.

I also got off social media and stopped listening to the news. You have no idea how helpful that is. I’ve got so much time back and focus.


Hypnosis does help some people but it takes a certain mindset in order for it to have an effect. For instance, if your the type that is less than optimistic about the belief and power in it, then it likely won’t work. If your into holistic approaches you may find it does work. Meditation, I think is very good for the body and mind. It won’t cure urges but it will teach you how to to relax and breath and can really help stress levels. If you type "mindless meditation " in the search box, you will find a lot of different meditations already posted for all levels of practice. We use to have a women named Angier who helped a lot of us discover the benefits of meditation. Good luck.


I had an Aunt who used it to quit smoking. She was a 2 pack a day smoker for 30 years, and a couple of sessions later, she was a non-smoker. She goes in once a month, and has a “tune up”. Has been smoke free for 10 years.

So, in my opinion, it can’t hurt to try it.


I think it can help, but definitely not a cure. I have tried it, it helped me with sleep. I didn’t really try it for my addiction, but know people it did help, but it is just another tool to use not the fix all. I really like acupuncture and chiropractic to help my body feel better which helps the mind feel better.