I almost drank myself to death. Kicked my family out

Hello my names Corey, I’m 35 years old and a addict. It all started when I got this bartending job when I was 20 years old. I worked at a high end club. Making $300 in tips a night. Working 12am till 3:30am. I worked 3 nights a week making about $1000 after wages in about 14 hours. It was a great life. Went to work at 11pm to have a couple shots and a beer and I was ready to bartend/party by the time I started work. Every night I got free drugs. Cocaine constantly phone numbers from women all throughout the night. It was a great life.

After about a year I got fired because one of my buddies used a I’d of mine, he looked like me. And hit one of the workers there. After that I got a job at my parents which was a bar. Again I would go in early and have a few drinks before work. And we always got away drinking at the bar. As long as we were able.to function and not look or act drunk. After a year of working there I hung out with this girl, her name was Molly and she was so done bartender there. She was also a alcoholic or a partier as we thought. We fought constantly and after 3 and a half years we broke up.

A few months of being single this girl walked in the bar and she was stunning she was one of the hottest chicks I seen walk in the bar. I thought I gotta get this chicks number. So I did and we hung out after the bars closed. Long story short. We hit it off right away had a son after about a year of dating and broke up after 2 years. She was not a alcoholic.

After a few months one of my girlfriends invited me out with her and we went out to a comedy club with the guy she was seeing. First it was judt us three at the bar then she came in i turned around and I knew she was it. Again we hit it off right away.

After a year we had my second son. I was still drinking every night between 10 and 20 drinks. We fought alot after the first couple months. Another long story short I told her she needs to go last weekend. She has alot of family in town and her parents have 3 extra bedrooms so it wasn’t like I kicked her on the street. I was drunk and I heard from buddies she was cheating on me.

Anyway I could write for hours I just want to say I just because sober today after 13 years of drinking everyday. I did it because my right side kills. I feel fatigue all the time, I mostly did it because ubwant to be a better dad. I was my now 7 year old soccer coach last year and I want to do it again this year. Yes I can drink and be totally functionable but I change after I would say 15 -20 drinks. Never to my kids but I’m just not the same as I would like to be.

I know I left alot out. I’m tired and I feel off. From not drinking.

Actually I did quit drinking for 5 days April 11 2017 when my second son was born. I felt so out of it when we got out of the hospital. I would constantly go in rooms and not know why I went in them. After about 3 hours out of the hospital I had a drink and felt normal again.

I don’t know if i can maintain working and being sober.

*I don’t drink at work at my day job.


You’re here and that’s a start! I’m now 27 days sober from alcohol and honestly I didn’t think I could do it but I did and so can you. Just remember why you’re doing this and tell yourself this everytime temptation calls your name.

You CAN beat this. I’m proud of you. :blush::v:


This is a really good place to come for motivation and support. I’m excited for you and your decision to get sober. Definitely get those b-vitamins and something to keep you hydrated. Talk to your GP, or maybe an outpatient if your going cold turkey, alot of times (atleast for me), they ease your mind.

Cheering for you! ╰(´︶`)╯

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The first step is admitting that it is actually a serious problem and that you’re not in control of it. It seems to me that your life is a bit of a mess. Can’t blame anyone for what’s going on other than yourself. If you want to change, this can’t be a “I’m going to cut back a bit.” It needs to be a complete change. Give it up permanently. No beer here and there. Done.

I hope you’re on the same page, but if not, I imagine life will force you there.