I almost got attacked by a animal once during a 7mile walk

ok so… there was a walk I ust to take to get my drugs and alcohol. it was about 7 miles long and would take me over 3 hours. I left the party house at around 11pm I think after smoking a bunch of pot with people who didnt even like me.

I kid you not. once be4 I made that walk home one day be4 a friend I looked up to said to me that him and others didnt need me because I have nothing to offer.

anyway… I was walking on a street that had a park at it which was famous for BBQs fishing and once swimming. the street went through the park. it was in a very woodsy area. I made it past the parkin lot, past the lake then past the park.

keep in mind that this walk was at around 12am at this time and it was pich black with no street lights. I couldnt even see my feet. I was feeling for the pavement under my shoes

I got past the park and to when I heard leaves moving calmly in the woods.

I started freakin the eff out

then I heard what sounded like a dogs paw prancing on the pavement so I immiditly through my arms up and yelled loud and deeply “what are you ganna do”

whatever it was hissed and ran back into the woods…

the rest of the walk home was terrifying. I kept turning around and kept yelling weird effin sht to make sure it was scared of me and wouldnt follow me.

I thought I was ganna like… ligit get mauled by a creature that I couldnt see

I got home at around 1am and did the normal throw rocks at the windo to wake someone up so I could get into the house

thats my story of that scary little creature in the woods that almost mauled me


I almost got attacked by a shark before🦈

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sharks scary as hell. I love the beach but I can barley go in the ocean because of those things lol

I was snorkeling off a remote beach in Baja and was harassed out of the water by a bull shark. Got ready to punch the thing.

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oh mann thats wayyyyyy to close for comfort
ill deff stick to on shore

lol im glad your ok :slight_smile:

I spent alotta time in the water and seen hundreds of sharks. Definitely that was the most intense encounter. It came at me 4 times and I was with my wife. I had to put myself in front of her.

Your encounter sounds creepy. Wonder if u have mtn lions where u live.

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we deff do lol

im in Massachusetts USA