I am going to accept defeat

I have no idea how I am going to make my first step in my new life but I know I have to make peace with my scars/mistakes from the past and accept defeat.
It hurts but it has to be done.
I need to say goodbye to stuff that was once my everything.


Keep you head up! Your a warrior!!

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You can do it. Sometimes you gotta see through the dark to get to the light.


We all have to live with our past mistakes, and yes, it’s hard and it hurts… … Remember you are proving to yourself, first and foremost, that you have control over your own life. Once you start feeling truly in control of your decisions you’ll look back and the reasons why you did what you did will be very clear. Once you start living your life the way you know in your heart that you should be living, you will start to forgive yourself.


You got this.
Stay strong we are all here for you if you need to talk.


Remember: Accepting change is not always the same as accepting defeat even if it feels like it.

Saying goodbye to stuff - especially drugs and alcohol - can be freeing.

Keep working on the things that are good for you!

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