I am grateful for my life today 💜

So since getting out of treatment March 2nd, 2022…I have relapsed a couple times. Today I got a sponsor and for that I am grateful. Today I decided that I’m going to put forth all my effort into getting/staying sober. I was not taking my recovery seriously before today. I’m grateful for my sponsor, the sunny weather, my dog (Emma), support from family&friends&authority figures. I’m grateful for NA meetings and the 12 Steps (which I will be starting to work on tomorrow =). I’m grateful for my life today :purple_heart:. I’m feeling positive and motivated. Just thought I’d share. If anyone is having a hard time or struggling with their sobriety…take it from someone who thought it wouldn’t get better. It does. Take it one day at a time. Don’t give up. No matter what, I will not use today or any day. Feel free to comment/share your thoughts/questions/concerns/struggles/accomplishments/ANYTHING!


That’s great you’re putting it out there and that keeps it from having power over you congratulations on today and many more days to come