I am new here! Wanted to tell my story

My story:
I had never done a drug or even smoked cigarettes. I graduated high-school im 2009 Bryan Station :boom::woman_student: when I was 19 I met this guy it was all good in the beginning then he started hitting me and beating me constantly, and then his family introduced me to drugs it started out as perc 30s and xanax. I got addicted to the 30s and started going downhill from there. I always said I would NEVER do heroin because I seen the way it done people. Well I ended up being on heroin for 8 years.
I stayed in and out of jail for shoplifting to support my habit. I lost everything :broken_heart: :disappointed:
My family wanted nothing to do with me. They didn’t trust me to be in their house my mom would keep her bedroom door locked when I was there. It was a horrible feeling :disappointed:
My kids just wanted their mother, they wanted my attention and my love. When I was high I was up playing with them and everything was good so I thought. But on the days I was dope sick I was a straight bitch to any and everybody around me. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth: I would stay in bed until I got my “fix”. It was a terrible way to live, my whole life revolved around heroin. It took control.
I caught a really big case in 2018 and was looking at 20+ years all because I wanted to get high. The worst part was it was on my birthday and my kids and my mom were at home decorating and cooking my birthday dinner while I was out shoplifting to get high. :cry:
I had to call my mom and my kids from the jail and tell them I wasn’t going to be there.:broken_heart:
It not only broke their hearts but it did mine as well. I swore I would never do it again :unamused::face_with_raised_eyebrow:
However, I got out on bond and ended up going on the run :running_man:‍♂ while out I know I had a spiritual awakening because something inside of me changed. I wanted something different I wanted help. I got into the methadone clinic to help me get clean and a week later I went to jail on
June 14, 2019. This was the day I told my kids that when I came home I promised I would be the best mommy ever and I would not leave them ever again. I got out and went straight to a rehab and completed it. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Now I am sitting for at work writing this with 1 year and 7 months clean and sober… :heart_eyes::revolving_hearts:
I have successfully completed rehab, got my own apartment, held down a full time job, and going to school online to help other addicts.
I wanted to share my story to show those still in the madness that it is possible, and it is REAL.
I can honestly say that I am so much happier and healthier now and living my BEST LIFE!!
All this was possible with the help of my support group… Thank you so much :heartbeat:

If you need someone to talk to reach out I am here anytime. The support group is strong :muscle:


Thanks for sharing. Your growth is a sure sign that we all can get better at getting better. Keep kicking ass at kicking ass girl.

Wow. This is such a powerful message. Thank you for sharing! Stay strong and I wish you and your family all the best! :heart:

That’s amazing!!! Thanks for sharing you are a true inspiration!

Welcome and thank you for sharing your story. I also started with percs (prescribed) that lead to an addiction. I was headed down that path to heroin but got myself into detox just in time. I’m glad we turned our lives around. I’m at 1 year 4 months clean and happy to walk this journey with you.


Congratulations on your 1 year abd 7 months sobriety and making healthy and healing decisions. So much for you to be proud of!! :heart: And welcome!!:heart:

Thank you so much for sharing. I love this story, a beacon of hope for so many on here.