I am really disgusted with myself

I am here to open up to everyone here, my name is justin im 25 as of the 11th i was sober for about 6 months and i wen back and went on a extream bender, twords the end of the bender i cought myself smoking crack with some old friends of mine the worst feeling ever… I am soo saddend y my actions i am suffering a serious alcohol withdrawl at the moment… I am at work right now, i went to a meeting yesterday and i took antabuse today… Wish me luck i wana be open with everyone here. And honest with myself… i also got a sponsor


I wish you all the luck in the world. …be safe and be strong… you have made it to 6 months so you know that you can do it… :facepunch::facepunch::pray:


Bless up my friend

Honesty is the key because our secrets keep us sick. Good job on getting a sponsor and on getting back to recovery!!!


Never quit trying❤

Dont beat yourself up too badly… we all stumble, have moments of weakness etc. Take that negative and put a positive spin on it…》. “sure, I fucked up… but guess what, I woke up this morning with another chance to try again.”

We are all in this together!


Proud of you for getting back on track! Take it one day at a time.

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Its okay. Be nice to yourself.

Brother, we have all been there…I wish when I was 25, I had the foresight to know I was an alcoholic. Be so PROUD, that you figured that out…nearly 2 decades before I did. Keep fighting and get support, we have all relapsed. Learn from this and get stronger.