I am struggling with my additions

Hi, i am Steven from cali live in Hawaii now, i am alcoholic, drug user. I keep trying to keep sober but i find it difficult, I can weeks with out using, but some how i find myself in the same situations over and over again. I am tired of this life, I have tried multiple programs but I cannot keep a steady path, with my addictions, I feel like they consume around ever corner.

Did you ever when to get help.

Hi Steven I’m sorry you are struggling with this. I couldn’t stay sober alone. I did many things to help myself.
Got meds from dr to help with cravings
Told family and friends I was quiting
Joined AA
Prayed like there was no tomorrow and I didnt believe in a Higher power or God
Stayed away from all things alcohol stores parties family members that drink anything associated with it
Educated myself on Alcohol
I had to do anything and everything I could think of to quit.
It’s all in what you are willing to change. Its hard dont get me wrong but you can do it.