I bought a pair of shoes!

Today i bought a new pair of walking shoes.

Doesn’t sound like much does it, a pair of shoes, the sort of thing people buy every day, particularly in the post Christmas sales.

So why am I boasting about this?

Because the money I saved by not drinking since Boxing day bought me my new shoes.

It is making me realise how much money I spent on drink every day until the 27th of this month when i woke up and decided it was time to change.

If four days sober (including today) can buy me shoes, what can i buy in ten days time when i hit two weeks sober !


That’s how it is done!! Great job!!!

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Nice! Great job not only saving money, and getting new shoes! But the shoes are also a gift that is the bonus of health, and if you’re feeling off or craving - you can take a walk with those sweet new shoes :athletic_shoe: Great job!

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Excellent work and happy hiking!


That’s what’s up man

It’s amazing stuff huh? Something like that is infact a big deal. It helps you learn the difference with picking up booze or picking up a nice luggery. Cheaper and healthier.

This post makes me happy :grin:


That’s so cool. I’m saving up for vacation.

One of my favourite parts of not drinking anymore means nice things can be bought more often.

Stoked for you!