I bought CBD oil, any knowledge or tips?

Okay so a little back story real quick. Freshman year of high school is when I got my first panic attack that induced vomiting and tremors to the point where I decided to skip school every day and drop out eventually. I was prescribed Xanax for the anxiety that was truly crippling. It worked like a charm for a long time but for obvious reasons I can’t use that anymore along with weed and my oxycontin/Morphine. Anywho, I’m 79 days clean today and still struggling with anxiety but not to the point of vomiting . I get crazy about asking for help or even asking the cooks at work for food and things I need. I know these thoughts are dumb but my body reacts with bad anxiety that I can’t control anymore then when I gotta use the bathroom. I was getting sick and tired of this anxiety problem and am sick of staying up some nights just plain worrying about crazy things including my past coming and biting me in the ass which I know it can’t badly anyways. My main trigger to use is anxiety, plain and simple boredom also but I can do something about the boredom. (I’ve become rather good at fighting it actually) but anxiety I have went to an outpatient therapy for, taken zoloft and other antidepressants that do nothing I recently weened off the zoloft as I don’t like being dependant on anything. & I did some research on stuff called kratom first but was told the high is strong and similar to opiates which i want to stay AWAY from so I said screw that. Looked up CBD oils which you vape through a vape pen or buy edibles. I know other addicts who use it for pain and anxiety also and they love the stuff. I went out and bought a disposable version to try it out before investing in a whole expensive ordeal. I tried it while driving and I swear to god I have no buzz, I have a happy and calm feeling which made driving SO much easier then normal when I’m worrying way to much and heart beating out of my chest. Muscles feel slightly relaxes and I wouldn’t say I enjoy this feeling but my anxiety is calmer then ever. I am serving at IHOP and I’m not freaking out about any of it. I’m confident but not crazily like Xanax or alcohol makes you. No head high at all,. I just really want to use this before work and social places, not while I’m sitting at home being lazy. I just want to make sure most people wouldn’t consider this a relapse you know? I mean technically yeah Its a natural chemical but it’s already benefiting me greatly. Anybody habe feedback ? I want the truth don’t sugar coat anything !


@Naturehippy knows about this

I have lots of feedback and I’ll message you directly. But in NO way should CBD considered a relapse. Proper education is key. There is NO psychoactive effects in it at all and you won’t get high. The benefits of it are incredible! Its good for your immune system, nervous system, reduces inflammation, reduces anxiety… and on and on and on. It’s 100 percent legal, non addictive, and completely safe.

Quality matters. I use it in tincture form and it can get pricey… but for me, it’s an essential and priceless part of my longterm sobriety.



I tried CBD oil for anxiety and panic and it was very helpful. My panic attacks are extreme and have many triggers, the biggest being alcohol the day before as very first one twenty years ago was morning after a drink and drug fueled binge in a car.

I feel instant benefit from CBD oil and calming sensation in my brain. This post has reminded me to get some more just wish it was cheaper.

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Can you tell me the best suppliers of CBD oil? Thanks

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Will message you directly

@Naturehippy Naturehippy, I just signed up after searching for about a month about CBD. I’m almost 4 years sober; never took much other then buspar for anxiety; my anxiety is fairly rough on me, some physical pain from manual labor for years.

I recently bought a bottle of CBD oil; made by “creatingbetterdays” 600 mg

It’s been a damn miracle for anxiety, I find that overall everything is better, but one problem.

My sponsor and close friends have been acting and treating me like I’m relapsed; talk about hurt pride, I’ve worked night and day for my sobriety and I refuse to go back God willing.
IN my aa program it talks about an allergy to alcohol and drugs; when I put a drink or pill in I set it off; when I’m not using I’m plagued by a mental obsession. Yes, the only thing that worked for me was the 12 steps.

But now CBD is here, it’s solid, and I’m cautious to continue taking it because I’m afraid of that old mental obsession coming back? Or setting off a spree? Or going back to drugs?

Is CBD safe for an alcoholic drug attic like myself to take? My recovery foundation is fairly solid, I just want to do the right thing and know that I’m Ok to continue.


Also noted; I have not wanted to drink or to use while taking CBD (no thc)

ANY thoughts or help would be appreciated

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If it works dont worry. You are what matters. Ppl come and go in your life. You stay. You are the only one that judges yourself and your actions. We are human experiencing a human existence. We arent perfect. Give yourself a break. Forgive yourself for needing help.

I am thinking of buying cbd capsules to take for my anxiety.

Congratulations of four years sober! That is an accomplishment by any standard!

I feel that PERSONAL recovery is just that, personal and we don’t have the right to project our definition of ‘sobriety’ onto each other. Like yourself, I was very weary that taking CBD would deem me ‘unsober’ whereas the contrary happened, I became more sober than ever before. Removing the constant cloud of anxiety that loomed over me gave me the gift of rational thinking- something that someone with constant anxiety and PTSD seldom has. The more research I did and the more I understood how the CBD worked and was affecting my endocannabinoid system, the more I’ve become convinced that not only is it safe, but it truly is a ‘damn miracle’ as you so eloquently put it hehe.

You still have to be careful and continue educating yourself, but for me PERSONALLY CBD is less dangerous a drug than caffeine or sugar. Most people in AA are addicted to both of those which are technically ‘drugs’ however I don’t see them accusing someone of relapsing over a box of donuts or a starbucks. But a drug is a drug is a drug… right? Wrong.
Yes we are allergic to alcohol, but just as someone allergic to pollen can take allergy medicine and not be labeled a drug addict, so can someone who suffers with anxiety, inflammation, pain, mood disorders, arthritis (and the list goes on and on and on) take CBD. It’s not addictive or have any dangerous side affects such as a lot of anti depressants that many fellow addicts find themselves on… also ‘drugs’. Would your sponsor or those projecting relapse onto you for taking ‘natures anti anxiety’ do the same for you taking buspar a man made pharmasudical drug? If not, seems like a double standard or a lack of knowledge regarding what they are condemning you for.

I even give CBD to my arthritic dog… it’s really REALLY safe. I think as more and more people educate themselves, ESPECIALLY ADDICTS, they’ll find that not only is safe, but it really is a damn miracle. :slight_smile:

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The same happened with me… the desire isn’t even there no matter what triggered is pulled. It’s as if the veil of anxiety that’s constantly over me has been lifted.

No opinion should overshadow the facts when concidering to use cbd as a part of your emotional, physical, and mental health.

Thank y’all very much, I suffer from chronic TMJ pain, dislocated jaw that requires surgery. I could feel the swelling last night; took CBD before bed. Within an hour all the swelling was gone, no pain, my anxiety (usually have a panic attack or close at least once during the day/night, did not happen) was able to focus; prayed, even meditated clearly.

This is really quite a change for me, I’ve suffered from racing thoughts coupled with PTSD from my past;

Gone. All of it.

Thanks again, thank God for recovery and def CBD.

and I agree hippy, my sponsor and group doesn’t know much about CBD; it’s all good.