I called bullshit!


Put your foot down and step off of that crazy roller coaster! Plant your feet on the ground for a min and get your bearings back… then take a step.

Me personally, I jumped face first. I’m done being a professional drinker!


thank you so much for this post, the inspiration and hear your positivity. I started my journey at the beginning of August, but September has been problematic. Today I feel seedy and guilty and basically really down on myself for drinking a bottle of wine each night for the past 2nights straight which was the habit I had before trying to quit. Addiction sux. Sux. Tiredness and loneliness and frustration in business sux, and Im sooooo tired of the same cycle of using wine for short term relief that fixes NOTHING, just makes me feel useless at sticking to anything. It probably didnt help I tried to go on a diet at the same time. Not the smartest idea. I think I just need to spoon those mouthfuls of honey or gannet cheese until I get over my booze crazings. Worry about the waist-line when Im free of this awful wine addiction. Thanks everyone for sharing their journey. I hate feeling alone in this process of freeing myself from addiction.


You are not alone! Not here! We all are feeling or have felt the same thing you’re feeling. They call it an addition for a reason and it’s a bastard! I was a grumpy asshole for the first two weeks and did nothing but sleep and eat. Don’t worry about weight right now, and if you’re not drinking your calories you may just drop some lbs just watching tv lol. Focus on one thing at a time and make that your sobriety. Don’t let the brain trick you into habit drinking and make a busy daily agenda so you don’t go stir crazy. It gets easier!


Congratulations! I’m on day five and I’m in the stage where like you stated, I feel ilke I want to scratch my face off but after reading about you being on the “other side” I feel a bit more hopefully and think maybe I’ll make it there too!


Thanks Kmills888 xo


Cave into the sugar craving during the early stages of sobriety. It will help. The weight will come off eventually. Most of my friends , including myself, really started seeing a difference around 4-6 months into sobriety. Just give it your all on one thing at a time. Trying too many things at once will make you feel anxious, and defeated easily. One day at a time, one struggle at a time. Don’t overwhelm yourself. :blush:


I need to remind myself that these feelings are possible. I’m really glad I documented this milestone, and knowing that these were my feelings at the time. I’m back to wanting to scratch my face off. Back to calling bullshit on the fact that I can go a day without thinking about drinking. Back to day 1 for the hundredth time.

A hundred is never enough and one is too many.


Awww - I was reading this post from the beginning, then I looked at the date and was hoping not to read this update. I was about to say - you are me, and we are one day off (I’m 71.xx days today, and have done all those things you mention drinking - even baby showers, lol). I appreciate the update, though, as a reminder, so thank you. Don’t know how long your ‘slip-up’ was, but you are back and that’s what counts. Much strength and love going forth - Stay strong!! :heart:


Thank you :hugs: I had 332 days then in July I tested the waters… still trying to get my crap together. I have way more sober days then not and I’m not giving up.

And that’s SO awesome you’ve made it to 71!!! Don’t test the waters! Those little thoughts that sneak in trying to convince you that you can just try one and if it doesn’t work out you can just go back to being sober. Nope. That’s not how it works. I had one, then 50 followed. Then months followed. Ugh lol

Not today satan! :sunglasses:


ZERO intention of testing the waters! It would not be pretty. I’d do exactly like you did - one drink would turn into “F it, I guess” … Welcome back :hugs:


Congrats. I remember you from another thread. I’m on day 7 now, after a long 7 month stretch of sobriety and then relapsing and falling into a pattern of hardcore blackout binge drinking every weekend and sometimes during the week.

The people that say you aren’t that far from going full blown back into your addiction are right. I definitely don’t recommend testing the waters. Even non alcoholic beer can be a dance with the devil you may later regret.


I’m loving your honesty pal. And your courage!
It’s good to see your face around here again.

Just remember that it takes what it takes. If it took you being sober for all that time and going back out for a bit to finally surrender, then so be it. That’s what it takes. Ya know?

Here’s something I remember you saying about when you thought of alcohol… “It’s POIIIIIIISSSSOOOONNNNNNNN!”

You’ll get there. Just keep coming back!


Keep at it and keep reading this forum!


Welcome back !


It’s crazy isn’t? Had one day of drinking that led to me falling off the grid for the months of July and August. At least now I know what happens, I don’t like that i had to go thru that, but now I know.

Great job on day 7! Imma get my day 7 this week damnit! Starting day 2 today and ugh… never giving up.


Hey you!!! :hugs: I hit a rough patch but even thru all of that, I never gave up. I never will. I think you just have to be in the right mindset to get the ball rolling. It was a bastard of a learning lesson.

I always love reading your posts. You truly are an inspiration and I love how blunt you are and you always give raw hardcore advice. Glad you’re always here :blush:


I need to read this OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER, to remind myself what one day or one drink lead me to.

I am day two with you. Let’s do Day Seven - 365 together, too!


I MYSELF need to read that over and over and over!!! Hahahahaha

Day 2 it is!!! Let’s do this girl!!! :hugs:


Wow well done for getting to that long before- it’s better than I ever have! All the best for the future