I can't stayed stopped

I was 4.5 years sober, that was 2years ago. I have been drinking on and off since, more on than off. At the moment I am 15hours sober


Welcome @Cazz !
You had 4+ years sober, so it seems that you can stay stopped. There are many of us here, myself included, who had some significant sober months and years put together before losing our way. So we understand.
Reading here a lot, and posting daily for accountability has helped me so much this time around. My last 1st day was 199 days ago.
You can make this your last first day too!
We are glad you are here!


Hi and welcome!
I’ve been there too. Was 5 years sober and then start drinking again. Drank for 1 and a half year.
Quit again (had 1 relapse) and now it looks like it clicks somewere. Congratulations with your day 1, stick around it really helps!! 🙋


Thank you,

Hey @Cazz
Welcome welcome welcome
I’m so glad you decided join the forum.
We are at your disposal.