I didn’t go through with it

I went to the store to pick up items and began having a dreadful craving for alcohol. I picked up the things I needed and left the store but this craving was extremely strong. I’m on Day #9 and I thought the toughest part was over but I guess not.


The best Part is you didn’t bought alcohol, that’s your victory for today.
Stay strong!


Way to go on staying strong!! It does get easier with each passing day but addiction/alcoholism is a daily reprieve. I find that in order for cravings and triggers to be lessened, i have to do the daily recovery work. Otherwise it gets tough again. Glad u managed thru that tho :slight_smile:


Small victories baby!! Every day there’s another reason to celebrate and this time it’s because you didn’t buy it and left with what you went for instead. Get yourself some ice cream today, you deserve it!!!


That is a great idea …. I’ll take you up on that

I felt wonderful when I left but it seems like I had to do something so I had a nicorette gum because I also stopped smoking. I’m so glad I found you guys


I will certainly keep that in mind, Thank you

Good for you. Each win is a win :muscle:t5:


Congrats, that’s a huge win! You should definitely treat yourself. I’ve been having huge bowls of ice cream with chocolate and caramel sauce :joy::joy:


I’m planning to leave at 12pm to treat myself. Thanks again :pray:


Good on you!

I remember doing the same when I was a month or two sober, went to the store to get stuff for dinner and stopped at the beer aisle, stood there and stared as I tried to talk myself into “one more drunk”.

I must have stood there for a solid 10 minutes before I snapped out of it.

I’m glad I didn’t give in. I learned that, the craving didn’t kill me, it just passed and I was fine.

Stay strong, stay vigilant; these moments will pop up out of the blue in the future!

Congrats on 9 days! Well done!


Thank you so much for your insight. I kept reminding myself that one isn’t one in my case and taking another drink will most certainly put me back into a down spiral and chose otherwise. I love where I am right now


You can’t walk into a grocery store without alcoholic beverages staring you right in the face…not just in the liquor isle, but also on the end caps. That’s toughest part when you’re still in the early phase of recovery. It will get easier with time. Kudos to you for keeping strong. We’re all proud of you! :blush:


Thank you so much…. I’m holding strong for sure. I also believe that with my intermittent fasting and gym work outs my calories are limited and I have to pay for both so if I were to pick up a drink I will be losing in so many different ways. This is why I had to attach multiple facets to my recovery and it appears to be working. Alcohol has so many calories and this is how I have to think for this to work.

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One day at a time. One moment at a time. You are going to have cravings and everytime you overcome them, it will get a little bit easier.

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