I don't like this trigger

One of my favorite loves in life is music, but I’ve noticed that some of my favorite tunes tend to trigger me. It’s a total bummer. Thoughts?


Yeah, I have had that issue as well…not just music, but playing cards and cribbage …had SERIOUS connections with all nighters snorting coke…and damn I really liked playing cards. But you know, I gave my usual music and the cards and stuff a rest for a long while…looked for new music to enjoy, new activities that I didn’t connect to drinking or drugs…and I was okay. It wasn’t easy and I missed my old familiar ways, but I needed to let them go to really truly focus on my sobriety. Made my sobriety #1 most important thing until it felt natural.


I’m having the exact same problem, I listen to artists I have never heard of before ,but from the same genre. I use the Spotify app.
It’s a small sacrifice to pay. Lol


Dude, I Spotify! I discover so much on there. I’m can’t stop searching for new stuff


Yup! My gym workout playlist is completely different now that I’m sober.


Totally normal. Tons of music I can’t listen to even though I love it. Too many memories and reminders. Now I have a love for all kinds of new music I never thought I’d enjoy and it is great.

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It’s a great app ,plenty of unheard of artists and other content to Check out. The High society podcasts are worth a listen if you get time mate.