I don't need alcohol


This has been big for me with my little sibs! Instead of thinking “ok just survive this encounter until I can escape and get a handle on my anxiety, and maybe drink” I’m able to connect, and I’ve been really missing that.


I do not need alcohol to go dancing!!! Sober dancing is wicked fun and does not result in injury or embarrassment.

(@Dasindog this is my new favourite thread!)


YESSS! A lot less unexplainable bruises (and occasional black eyes), and you actually REMEMBER all the dancing, the fun and even the DJ’s name!!))


My interpersonal relationships have improved also.


I do not need alcohol to be around my 5 year old nephew :joy: All was good yesterday, until it was time to go to bed :unamused:


Fuck alcohol…I dont need it!!!


Great post so true!


I dont need alcohol to stay in all weekend and do errands :joy::joy: I really became so dependant on it to help me deal with the stress of kids and work. All I was doing was making myself gain weight, sleep all day and feel sick. Cant beleive how much of my life I dont remember cuz I was too messed up.


I don’t get out much, but I am looking forward to sober dancing.:grin:

I like this thread too, it’s a good reminder that life happens and being sober for it is pretty awesome!


Today I learned that I don’t need alcohol to embarrass my kids in public. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I don’t need alcohol to eat a frozen pizza for dinner. I can do whatever I damn well please and I can enjoy it!! Sober!!


I don’t need alcohol to fly off in a rage at the drop of a hat. Is this normal? I’m only 8 days sober but today I friggin lost my head for no reason and then just came back down and wondered why it had happened. I feel like I can’t control myself. It’s scary.


It’s not uncommon, my friend. Read up about PAWS: https://americanaddictioncenters.org/withdrawal-timelines-treatments/post-acute-withdrawal-syndrome

Hang in there. A daily meditation routine really helps me keep my emotional response in check. :bird:


YES! I think we should call it “Quite Rage”. I had it bad. It goes away pretty quickly. It sucks, but like @aircircle mentioned, meditation helps.

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Today I learned that I don’t need alcohol to shovel snow. Being in the crisp air while getting physical activity was actually quite nice.


The struggle to learn this was real for me. Every snow storm (and there have been many) made me very anxious. Every time I went to shovel snow I would get strong cravings for a drink - I talked about it at many meetings and with my therapist and with anyone who would listen. I think people thought I was going mad, except for other alcoholics, who understood the insanity. I stopped shovelling for about 6 weeks as I couldn’t take it. I just tromped through my snowy and icy walkway. I only managed to get a grip on this in the last two weeks and now I shovel with no problems - in fact, I shoveled today and didn’t even think about this until this post made me realise how much progress I have made. :hearts::snowflake:


Doing yard work or out door chores was hard for me too. I put off mowing my lawn for so long. Slowly I’ve been able to venture out of my comfort zone. I think I’m looking forward to yard work this spring.

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I don’t need alcohol to suck at Tetris, or any other video game for that matter.


Omg you gave me childhood overload with one word. Careful with that!

I’ve always been terrible at action games, better at strategy games. Incompetent at both while under the influence, who could have guessed :joy:


Yesterday I learned that I don’t need alcohol to enjoy a hockey game…neither when I’m watching from the stands nor from the couch.