I don't need alcohol


I don’t need alcohol to have a great time at Trivia night, even if we didn’t win.


I don’t need alcohol to become a crying, blubbering mess over who knows what or to have disproportionate emotional responses.

But guess what? At least I’m now getting out a lifetime of repressed emotions and hold hope of getting to a place of more normal emotional regulation. In fact, I can tell it is happening, slowly.

I also do not need alcohol to talk about my feelings. I can tell someone I love them, tell someone that I’m afraid, and talk about uncomfortable issues. In sobriety. And it’s meaningful. And I remember it. And I don’t have have any “omg wtf did I say last night” moments the next morning.


I used every excuse in the book to justify my entitlement to drink. Now, there are no excuses left. There’s way more good reasons not to drink. It’s rather lovely to want to live again… top of the list.


Hell yes!

I don’t need alcohol. Complete sentence, thought.


I dont need alcohol to be crap at karaoke :musical_score::microphone:


I don’t need alcohol to deal with my feelings after a therapy session. I’ve learned new, better coping strategies. :hearts::snowflake::bird:


Today I learned I don’t need alcohol to do home improvement projects. In fact, without drinking I only made 3 trips to the hardware store, if I was drinking it woild have been at least 5 before I threw in the towel and pass out.


I was always too embarrassed to contact my new found 'besties ’ that I would meet when out drinking.


I don’t need alcohol to relax after work! I can enjoy so many other activities now to wind down from work. I’m excited to do some sober dancing and karaoke!


That is comforting to hear. Paws is my reality and progression in some fields is slow.


I’m totally down for some sober karaoke! I mean, I say that in the comfort of my home now… hahaha

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My dad is a musician, plus I’ve done musical theatre, so I can say confidently bring on the sober karaoke lol!


Nice! I’m a musician too, but really can’t carry a tune, so it would be more of comedy show. :joy:

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I don’t believe that lol. I believe it’s all about finding the right song(s) for your voice lol. Not that I haven’t sang songs just because I wanted to, even if i couldn’t sing them well lol. It’s mostly about having fun!


Today I discovered I don’t need alcohol to hangout with my kid and 200 other kids and their parents. I may be awkward when I’m sober, but I’m sober so I don’t care.


Oh shit… that means my Seahawks will likely pick up Parkey, like they did with Blair Walsh and Janikowski

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Yes!..and YES! And Yes that I have a “twin” fan on here! :baseball: :football: :smile:

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Any truth to this rumor that Wilson wants out of Seattle?!


I’ve not heard that, but then again, I have not kept my finger on the sports pulse.

I wouldn’t doubt it though, everyone wants to leave Seattle eventually, even the best get tired of the rain, and running for your life. Buy that kid an o-line!!!

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I’m a Vikings fan myself lol