I feel bad now

I relapsed after my 4th day, this so hard but um gonna do it. Any tips?


I just relapsed on thanksgiving & I had the same feelings. I was really beating myself up so bad that I almost drank again. Just keep fighting. Those feelings do start to go away after a few days & just focus on the positive side. Your here, you’re ready to beat it, & learn from what made you give in, so that you can avoid/change the circumstances if it occurs again.


During those four days, were you using any tools? Or just white knuckling it?

A good thing to do is post here BEFORE you relapse. Talk it out. There is usually someone around who can talk you through whatever you’re going through.


Think of why you relapsed and set in place a means to beat it next time.
Search up “toolbox” on this site.
Loads of information for tools to use to help.
Learn from this relapse.


Ty for the support guys


Choose freedom from alcohol. :star2::pray::fist_right::fist_left::pray::star2:
Freedom from thinking, buying, drinking,thinking,buying, drinking, thinking,buying,drinking,thinking,buying,drinking
Can you see the pattern/neverending cycle? :heart:


Write down the reasons you want to stay sober. Read that list every day when you wake up, hang on to those reasons like they’re your lifeline… Because they are.

Focus on healthy coping skills - maybe try walking if you’re feeling anxious, or deep breathing. If the cravings threaten to overwhelm, by all means use a support group here - you can PM me personally, I check my email constantly so I’ll know if you messaged.

Don’t trip too hard with guilt or shame - that can lead down a path towards more relapses. It did for me, anyway. If you really want this, I know you can do it. :purple_heart:


I Almost relapsed on those 4 days. Thats hard. We learn with the mistakes.