I feel terrible after my therapy

I hate my therapy, I always feel totally shitty afterwards.
I have problem coping with negative emotions and situations about I’m talking about with my therapist.

Today I told her, that I don’t want to talk anymore and I ended the session earlier.

Right now I’m in a restaurant (where I used to drink beer, but not today), I’m gonna eat delicious kebab and calm down so I can do “adult stuff” later that day.

Hey there. I’m so sorry to hear that. It’s really hard for me to say what might be going on - it could either be hard to slog through the dark places in order to make progress, or it might not be the right kind of therapy or therapist for you. It might be worth spending the next session with your therapist stepping back and reflecting on whether it’s working out for you?

I sometimes feel low, tired, exhausted, drained etc after therapy. Sometimes I feel light and uplifted and then that later moves to exhaustion. I ALWAYS know it affects me and I don’t necessarily know how. So things I do:
-ensure my appointment is at the end of the day - there is no way I could go to work after
-don’t make plans after unless it is something super casual with someone I trust and feel comfortable being weird around (and that they know it will be post therapy)
-be kind to myself by planning after to eat something nice (well done you!) and getting cost on my couch with comforting things like music, gentle tv, fuzzy blanket, tea, etc
-try my best to be patient with myself. :cat:

I’ve also had plenty of experience with therapists that I didn’t trust or have a good dynamic with (it takes shopping around) and types of therapy that are unhelpful - eg sometimes talking therapy is not as useful as something more specialised, like trauma based or substance abuse specialisms.

I really wish you the best of luck in finding something that works for you and allows you to make the progress that you are strivi for :two_hearts::two_hearts:

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Therapy is a hard mental workout. Ever had an hard physical one? You are tired and spent and sore and tight. And as your muscles, bones, and sinews recover from the effort, they become stronger.

Facing hard, difficult, and painful emotions is working your mind and soul. There’s no getting stronger without facing and overcoming pain and exhaustion.

When it’s painful, push harder, push through.

Keep getting better at getting better each and every day.


Maybe if one on one therapy isnt working for you maybe trying a meeting where your not pressured to be the center of attention and just listen may help…you can always share and reach out whenever you feel. Or even privately after with another member. Atleast you know its a sober opinion. Your therapist may or may not be an alcoholic herself… Because yes addiction does not discriminate.


Therapy is tough even when it’s a “good” session for me. Sometimes I’m not in the mood, tired, frustrated hungry whatever and just dont feel like talking. Others I could talk all day. Glad you posted here and reached out for help. Just be careful spending time at your old drinking place. Sounds like it could be a slippery slope. You have symptoms of HALT. Hope the rest of your day is brighter.


Thats awful. There are some types of therapy that deals with childhood trauma, and that usually comes with a warning that it’s going to get really bad before it gets better… But you shouldn’t be leaving feeling terrible after every session. There are so many types of therapists out there and it can feel like a long interviewing process before you find the right one. The first therapist i saw was so judgemental and inserted her religious views and gave me a cutting look like my mother did when I was a kid. When i cancelled the next session, she called me and gave me the biggest guilt trip! There was another therapist that acted as more of a sounding board and showed little interest in helping me work through my problems. Then there was one that I really liked… She was obviously well studied in all types of therapies, listened to what I was dealing with (I trust she had the ability to see through some of what I couldn’t, which I needed) and carefully chose a collaborative plan. In my opinion, the last option is most worth the money! I didn’t always leave feeling great because that mirror isn’t always pretty, but i wasnt forced to hold it up either. Good luck! I’d be happy to talk with you more and compare experiences.