I finally feel comfortable

Hello all, I’m finally comfortable in my skin to do my first post here. I’ve love the support, openness and honesty of everyone. Today makes 71 days sober “Yay”. I’ve dropped about 13 pounds (loving that), I sleep much better at night and more importantly I’m kinder to myself when i look in the mirror. My days lately have been filled with trying to keep busy, I have no idea what to do with myself since I no longer drink. I’ve started to read more and do things around my home to pass the time and it’s been working so far. I have to find another hobby soon to keep my occupied.


There are lots of hobby, exercise and reading threads on the forum. Congrats on the sobriety! You’re rocking it!

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I know i will feel even better if a got off my butt and exercised.

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There’s no rush. Learning to be comfortable with yourself is a key aspect in sobriety. Sometimes we think we wasted all this time drinking and such but it’s a journey, not a race. Enjoy the you time. Set small simple goals and do your best to make them happen.

Welcome to the forum


Very true and I can’t wait to see where this Journey is going to take me. thank you.

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The only thing limiting you is your thinking. It will take you anywhere you truly want it too