I got wasted on my birthday on Sunday

We went out to eat and had drinks for my birthday on Sunday. Lots of them. I thought, what the hell? It’s my birthday and I’ll do what I want. Well, I fell and got hurt pretty bad. Long story short, it’s about my 10th time relapsing in about 3 months. I’m trying to look at the positive side of things, like how I keep getting up and trying again and again. I keep resetting my clock but it’s getting old. I need to get it together. Sorry for the venting. One day I’ll be the one giving out good advice to a newbie. :slight_smile:


Hi! Relapses happen, but we call them “relapses” because at least we had been sober for a while. Otherwise we would call them “normal routine” :slightly_frowning_face: Then you can think about your triggers, strategies, goals etc… just don’t give up and start again! ☉☉☉ Hugs!!!


Addiction will give you any excuse to get wasted but birthdays really are the hardest. Your own birthday, friends and family birthdays, your pet’s birthday, the queen’s birthday you name it.

They are the hardest test. Firstly don’t beat yourself up. When I first started trying to quit (from vodka, daily drinker, all day long drinker) I had weeks of multiple resets and months of multiple resets. All that matters is you’re here, getting support and advice and trying.

Stay “awake” at the next test thrown at you, don’t give in to the reasoning or excuse driving you to use, drink, get wasted, “just one won’t hurt”… Pinch yourself as if in a dream and remember why you don’t drink anymore.

You will be so proud of yourself going through big drinking events parties etc strong and true to yourself a proud non-drinker. It gets easier!


So true Rain76. You’re at least calling it “reset” rather than just another hangover!

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Love this! Thank you!

Very true! Thank you. I know it will get easier eventually

I’m just at the dawn of day 4 after a relapse. I managed to stay sober on my birthday a few weeks ago, just to yield to the voice that said “have a couple of drinks and then stop and go home!” last Saturday. Bad idea, but I’m learning from that. :muscle::muscle::muscle:

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@Fancy I am 8 days sober after a reset yet again. But got pass my birthday without a drop. You can do it girl :wink:

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It can happen to anybody. Don’t beat yourself up. Main thing,pick yourself up @Fancy and start again. As long as you’re trying, you’re winning.


This is normal. I’ve relapsed about 4 times in the last 2 months and also got sick of resetting my clock…I think going to AA helps a lot in early recovery. I hit 4 meetings a week and hit the gym pretty much everyday. Stay busy and most of all just focus on not drinking today…day 10 for me, that’s a record :slight_smile:


@Fancy. Hello I’m glad you have the conviction to try again. But with each reset you should be looking for things like what you need to add to your sobriety. Make relapse plan. Write it out study it. Nothing changes if nothing changes. I don’t want to beat up on you I want to encourage you to change your method of attack. This will be a battle you need to get ready for the punches. Willing yourself sober isn’t enough. It takes work. It’s a full time job early on. Best wishes



You are so right about that. Ok, I’ll try something different this time. And my husband is onboard this time around. He struggles with the same issue but doesn’t get hammered like I do.

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Tear it up Bkeim2! Much respect

Did you all have to go thru withdrawal again after one night relapse?

No one here even said “happy birthday” to you!

Dont mind them OP they all just go yadda yadda yadda me me me my story… dont worry i will say a retrospective happy birthday to you.

Happy birthday!!! Wooooo!

Hey Fancy :hibiscus: thanks for sharing the struggle. My birthday is tomorrow and I’ve already had the thoughts why not, one won’t hurt, it’s my bday cmon but I know it will just lead to bad things. I’m 2 months and 12 days sober. It’s the longest I’ve ever gone since I was 17 and I’m turning 28. Honestly, i can’t remember ever taking a break. Reading this was the perfect :ok_hand: reminder I needed to know I’m not the only one who feels this and that I can make a better choice admitting I know my habits