I had a relapse 4/29

I made it over 100 days but drank yesterday. I’m so disappointed in myself for drinking. My daughter cried and I hate being that mom or disappointing her.


Welcome Sarah! Glad you found us because doing this alone is nearly impossible.
What did you do to stay sober during that 100 days? What is you plan going forward? The more tools we have in our arsenal, the more likely we will obtain long term sobriety.


Welcome to the community :raising_hand_woman:

Today is a new day, I understand it must be difficult for you to see your daughter upset, and bring it’s own emotions for your both. I can imagine that if she sees you handle this well, be confident in today and that you are not going to do it again this will help your daughter to deal with this and in effect can help you both not feel so alone and guilty and help you both move forward together.
If she sees your feeling a mess and guilty this will also leave you both feeling your in unknown territory and both feel uneasy and unsettled.
You have got back up and started again, I believe in you :star:


I’m on day 4, myself, after close to 14 weeks without drinking. I had a bone-deep peace and I knew it would vanish if I drank and it did, and then some. I hurt my family emotionally and that’s absolutely the hardest part. I am with you in your new effort. It’s so hard in the beginning but I’ve never been happier than when I’ve got sober time with me.


For me i was in a home group and got a sponsor who helped me through any problems i had in early sobriety wish you well

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Sarah, you managed 100 days… that’s amazing. They’re not gone or lost, you earned them. Get straight back up and make it 1 day in 200 only that you drank.

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What are you doing to stay sober? Will power and love for my kids didn’t work for me. I had to start working a ‘program’ a regular schedule of sobriety activities to keep me on the right path.

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It’s OK. Keep working it.