I have a friend of a friend

Ok so I have my husband’s friends wife, I know a mouth full. who is a recovering heroin addict. I didn’t know until today that my husband contacted her, to get help for me and for her to tell him what he needed to do to help me. She said I will see what I can do, well needless to say she never contacted me ot him again and that was 2 weeks ago. She belongs to all kinds of things that involve raising awareness about opiate use. My husband is so devastated that she would turn her back on us, especially when she knows what i am going through, now granted we are not close friends, my husband used to work with her husband. He wants to say something to her, but I told him just to leave it alone, I don’t want to cause any problems. We have enough to deal with, with my addiction and all. Any suggestions? Should He just leave it alone?

Just my view is will it help you in your journey to say something? If you need her guidance and feel as though she has some then reach out and ask for help. But as addicts we want things our way and on our time maybe she has a life too. Bad timing? Maybe. you don’t know so why stir a pot. Good luck! Ask all you want here someone will try to help

I say don’t follow up with her. That’s just my humble opinion. I have to say i would be upset if my husband shared anything about me to amyone unless i gave the green light. But im a really private person…Maybe she is busy - idk - but if i were her and someone reached out to me for help, i would follow up within a few days… anyway, i would just let it go…and not reach out to her again…

I thought the same thing, I think my husband is just upset because he didn’t know where to turn to get me help, so he turned to her.

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I was really pissed he went behind my back and even told her, but I kind of understand why he did it, because he was scared. I am like you of someone reached out to me I would try to do what I could to help

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Thank you guys for your input.

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I think I have found more help on here anyway. Thanks