I have diarrhea...part 2


I do Thanksgiving dinner at my house, so that was easy enough to control. Christmas eve we go to a family members house,there is alot of drinking,and I’m alil concerned. I have a very supportive family, I just dont wanna feel like the family drunk,that people feel like they have to say, “Ooooh, well good for you, I should quit too.” Its just awkward! We have a camp,and I’ve avoided going because that involves ALOT of drinking. Its 2 hours away, and I can’t take myself out of the situation, and its still too tempting to me, I’ve only been sober for alil over 90 days.


What’s really nice about claiming to have the poops is that it can get you out of almost anything, lol.

Hold this baby: Can’t diarrhea

Wanna go (insert): Can’t diarrhea

Nicely done :joy:


Hahaha true, diarrhea is really good for everything, except the person who has it


Lmao, I forgot about that part. Certainly sucks for the person who has it, lol


That’s only if you really have it. I’ve totally used it before when I didn’t! :grin: People really stop asking questions then!


Omg,wish i was there​:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Haha true!


Diarrhea is hereditary…
It runs in your jeans.

(Gets coat)
I’ll let myself out