I have diarrhea...part 2


So, my Holidays are dry. I spend them with friends who dont drink. This is the same couple from the story I posted where I lost my mind and yelled “i got diarrhea” to get out of drinking. It was early on in my sobriety, and I way over prepared what to say…anyway…

I show up, and everyone is drinking wine. Wtf…never happened before. The guy that is hosting the party hands me a glass of wine. I smile, “I have diarrhea”. He looks at me and says, “again?”. I respond, “just fucking with you, i dont drink.”…he said ok…and I stayed sober…but the look on his face…priceless…

Work do advice

This is perfect!



Best post of the evening, right here. Go bold, man. Happy Thanksgiving to all, and to all a good night!


You said you were going to use that and sure enough you did!


I approve of this tactic and am stealing it for use at an (in)appropriate time


Oh jayzus, I’m LOL! Thanks for the giggle, brother, and way to go protecting your precious sobriety!


I remember this! Just had a good laugh all over again​:joy::joy::joy:


This is my favourite!!


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: when I saw the title I just thought to myself" not surprised after your big food day" but the actuall story is even funnier.


Hot damn, I’m a sucker for sequels.

Good on ya, Scott! :rofl:


And again you made my day, thanks for the LOL :joy::hugs:


Lol, again?! … :rofl:


I should have taken a picture of his jaw on the floor…it was hilarious


Thank you for this :heart: :laughing:


Yaaas! I’m shooketh lol
You’re savage, and I luuurrrrve it!


Just lucky I had a perfect opportunity


Haha… totally remember this!! Jeez was that a year ago ? :joy::joy:


I wish! Late april.


Maybe that’s what I’ll tell people in Tuscaloosa tomorrow, and then I’ll swiftly head out to a restroom. #BeatAuburn


Record the looks on their faces…sure wish I had…hilarious