I have questions…

As I’ve started my journey only yesterday being finally FREE from addictions and substances I have thought a lot and I have questions for you who has been through this.
I’ve decided to stay off social media for some while because there is so many triggers that get me into this mindset that maybe everything wasn’t so bad and that is not healthy for my mind. First of all, it’s summer, for people who uses or have different addictions, this might be the hardest time of the year. A lot of partying, socialising and there’s so many people around who wouldn’t understand me. I know that there will be a lot of changes, mostly the people around me will change because I don’t want to be around people who are driven by alcohol, cocaine, gambling and every other thing… Now when I see these people I just feel lonely, I feel like an outsider because I have always been social person who “likes the scene”. I’m still young, good looking (not narcissistic in any shape or form) and I like spending time with people. So first of all, loneliness. I’m an overthinker all my life and this gives me this weird anxiety. How do you fight that ?
Secondly triggers, I know I can’t escape them all my life but when I see these things, either it’s people who do it or the thing itself, my mind switches, from this calm and collected person to full blown degenerate who doesn’t care anymore. It’s like I’m bipolar, I can be either very respectful and calm or this crazy person. I call them my demons, that they are always there I just have to read thought the lines and understand when they are approaching me. So far this is the only place where I’m 100% honest with you, but what do you do in case you feel this urge that maybe nothing bad will happen.
I’m sorry if i triggered some people but these are genuine things so far I don’t know answers to.
So far mornings have been hell, I have a lot of nightmares and I go through these emotions every night, like some one is trying to let me see the dark side. I even started journaling my journey. Peace and love to everyone.


Hi, I am not a psychiatrist whatsoever but I think from the sound of your post maybe you have a bit of social anxiety. It’s usually totally normal to feel this way around others because as humans, we crave other’s acceptance. Have you tried talking to a psychiatrist about how you’re feeling? Just remember that doing the things that led us to an addiction will ALWAYS cause something bad to happen. Even something that seems small and insignificant may be the spark that causes us to burn. If being around others causes you to want to do the things you have trouble with then I myself, would stay away at all costs. If they are people worth having around in your life, then they will understand and go out of their way to help you stay on the right path even if that means giving you distance until you’re further into your recovery. The old saying “if you hang around the barbershop enough, you’re eventually going to get a haircut” always rings true. If you’re around something that you have an addictive tendency for, you will eventually partake nk matter how strong the person is. And really why risk it?Journaling is good as sometimes it’s easier to put thoughts/feelings into words that we can go back to reflect on. Wishyou the best. I hope this helps. God bless you.


Congrats on your decision to get sober! From personal experience, while my social media was gone, I had to change my phone number and abandon everyone until I was comfortable enough to be around them. Fast foward 1229 days later, and I’m still sober from alcohol, cocaine, and occasional prescriptions as a result. If you’ve heard the saying - people, places, and things - it’s true, the truest truth. All that can ruin you. In terms of loneliness, I kinda evolved into a loner over the years, and despite me wishing I was a social butterfly, it doesn’t bother me that much so I can’t really suggest a remedy for it. But I will suggest you try to seek comfort in being alone, or find others who can relate with your struggle and are recovering as well. AA might be a good start, or local substance counseling. Sounds like you may have a few triggers as well, once your brain gets into that state the chances of you using become very high, so the objective would be to eliminate them as best as you can, whether temporary or permanent it’ll be for the best. And please, NEVER FEEL GUILTY FOR YOUR DECISION TO TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE!!! Recovery is a time when you have every right to be as selfish as you want to be in order to heal, or at least that’s how I feel. I’m routing for you!


Hello and welcome to the group. Staying away from social media is never a bad idea, it lets you focus on things that matter to you personally imo. I would also like to let you know that there are plenty of young people who just don’t drink or do drugs and they still have plenty of fun, the key is to find them.

When you first get sober the chemical balance in your brain is off, your brain isn’t quite use to working the way it should but it’ll bounce back with some time. There are things that can help with that depending on what your drug of choice was.

Here are some resources for you if you’re interested

Best wishes to you and your recovery