I just made 60 days

I just made 60 days and now around family members I want to drink! #mindovermatter


Good Day All
Im Deon A proud recovering Alcoholic
Nice to meet everyone


You got this!!! Just keep reminding yourself why you quit and what all bad happens if you do!

Lots of love and happy holidays

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Welcome Deon!!!:heart::heart: Always here for support glad you are here.

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Thank you soo much
I was trying soo long to sign into a group

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Hello that’s great I remember my first 60 days it wasn’t easy just trust in God and your network and you’ll get another 60 days the next thing you know it’ll be a year God bless you and keep it up trust yourself and trust God


Congratulations on 60! That’s incredible! Are there children at this family event? Resist the urge by hanging with them. Play a game. Revel in a little childhood crazy fun and let the temptation pass. Kids are often good at reminding us what is really important.

Welcome Gedgey and Deon and congrats to you both on your sobriety, this is an amazing community, there are some absolute diamonds on here :blush:

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I have 1 son he is 22 and out on his own