I LOST MY WAY I let the addiction back in!

The last couple of weeks tbh have been a rollercoaster. Started when a friend suggested “one more, no more” well we all know addicts don’t do “one more,no more” it turns more into what I like to call a “BENDER” and then before you know it your needing a point just to get your ass to work.
It’s my first real day “SOBER” and I’m scared, I’m scared that I’m going to disappoint myself again…


It takes a really strong person to pick themselves up and admit they are scared, have a problem and to decide it time to try again. Glad you are here! Take note of what caused the relapse and how you’ll change it next time it pops up. Hugs!


Then don’t disappoint yourself again.

I realized early on that to stay sober I only had to say “no” to one drink…the drink that matters: The First Drink.

If I do, I win, because without the first drink, there can’t be a second or third or eighth. If I don’t, I lose, with the only question being how badly I lose.

Don’t disappoint yourself. Say “no” the first one.


Change is indeed scary…but it also holds infinite opportunities and a way of life we never knew existed. Open to the possibilities of a stronger, healthier, more in balance you…because you deserve a healthy healing life. :slight_smile:

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Just remember, the fact that you are wanting to quit at all is progress. Your fighting a hard war. Losing a battle is not the end of it because you can get right back in it after. You’ve got this.

Remember what you got clean for to enjoy life to its fullest again you can bounce back see triggers as test that you can pass not temptations.:+1::muscle::100: