I’m new here sugar addict

Hello. I’m new here. I am just starting keto again. I feel like I’ve hit rock bottom. I’m going into this so nervous.

My food addiction is as up-and-down as my mood.

I am a musician and singer and I am in a couple of bands. I also teach individual music lessons.

So I am on display and in the past I’ve been managing my sugar addiction but the last month has been tough. I am currently about 75 pounds overweight. I had gotten the sugar under control and my A1 C level was actually normal but my dad died in May of this year and Ive been on an emotional roller coaster ever since then.

I’ve been dieting all my life.

My biggest problem is consistency. Eating at night is my biggest hurdle.

I would love to give support and hopefully get support because I feel like this is what’s missing on my road to recovery.

So today as they say is the rest of my life. I know that keto works well for me. I really want to do this. I’m in my early 50s and looking at prediabetes.

The energy I need to do my job I cannot get in sugar and carbs. I also noticed that if I cut out desserts and sugar I want to drink more alcohol which is also not good.

Anyway I am glad I found this site. Good luck to everyone.



Thanks so much for the suggestion. I realize I’m not quite sure about how to work the chat room LOL. I will search those topics.


Thanks so much.

Check out this thread…and welcome!!

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I know two people who did the keto diet thing. They both lost a ton of weight at first but got it back later.

Really glad you’re here to join us @Luna83.


@Luna83, Hi, glad you made it here! Although my primary reason for being here is maintaining my sobriety, I habe also struggled with food/sugar addiction my whole life I’m 55 and earlier this year lost 15 lbs doing low carb, so we can hopefully help each other. I have a few other medical issues I’m taking care of, part of my promise to take care of myself now that I’m sober (79 days). I’ve been binging on carbs now for a month, and planning to get back on track starting Monday. If you want to talk, feel free to pm me. Take care and stay strong!

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