I’m struggling after detox

Did anyone else suffer from deep depression after detox??? If so what are some ways that you coped through it? I’m 2 weeks clean off of drugs and about a week clean off of alcohol. I’m really struggling.


Hey there …welcome. I felt like shit for a couple months after detox. But it got better and continues to. Hang in there. Drink lots of water. Try and stay out of your head.

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I’m just ahead of you at 23 days off alcohol. I felt the same and remember days 10-15ish were the WORST! I finally had to literally take a chill pill that my doctor prescribed. It’s a low dose of Gabapentin and it helped my tremendously. Cleared up my tight chest and helped with the anxiety. Doc said it’s not addictive and I could take much more than I am without issue so I feel safe about it all. I confirmed this with my own research and I’ve been doing really well for about a week and half. I don’t plan on staying on them forever, or even next month, but for now it’s been a life saver while I learn how to relax on my own.

It helped me to learn that what we’re feeling is normal.


I take anxiety meds as needed! The more time I have clean and sober the less I take them! I was taking every day now just here and there! Glad you found something to help