I made it through

The bachelorette party for my best friend that I was worried about going to was this past weekend. And I made it. I didn’t have a single drop of alcohol. There wasn’t a whole lot more to do but to drink and I even made mention several times how messed up I’d have been at certain points had I been drinking still. Another friend of ours ended up getting completely shitfaced and had to be taken back early and although it was an inconvenience, I am so glad it wasn’t me. It very easily could’ve been. I’m so grateful that I was able to stay strong and not give in. My friend didn’t pressure me at all and even said on Sunday that she couldn’t even tell I wasn’t drinking and that she had a lot of fun. I’m happy I didn’t feel the need to sacrifice myself and my health and happiness in order for her to have a good time.


That’s great!! It’s so nice to be in those situations sober and realize we truly can have fun without it, be present and enjoy it. Great job!!!