I made the decision :) im taking the 1st step

Hi All,

I suppose only today I decided im going to give up alcohol. I feel kind of bad because im not an addict but i think I have an unhealthy relationship with booze. Im a terrible drunk I always get emotional…always the one crying in corner. I unfortunately get a bit of anxiety so i get really bad fear after drinking
Im wondering is anyone taking their 1st steps like me?

Bar the many health benefits im hoping it will help my social anxiety…bring me out of my shell without using alcohol as clutch. Hoping people will see who i really am on a night out rather than the mess in corner.

I will definitely be checking into this when i have some events coming up!

Hope everyone is keep well and finding strength in there recovery.


Welcome Rachel! You are not alone - there are so many (so many!) people here who’ve been in your shoes. There’s even some who were that weeping mess in the corner :innocent: But what everyone has in common is deciding to make a change.

I think all of us realized whatever label we gave it, it was an unhealthy relationship with whatever substance or behaviour was the problem. So we all decided to stop.

Browse around here and explore, you’re sure to find some threads that speak to you. You can swipe up and down to browse or search with the search bar at the top (for example, you could search “social anxiety” and I bet you’d find a bunch of posts). All the threads have dates so you’ll know which ones are still kind of “happening” and which are a little quiet these days :innocent:

Welcome! :wave:t2:


Hi matt!

Thank you so much for the intro! Its all kind of exciting and scary at the same time!

Hope you are keeping well!

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Welcome Rachel.
Todays a great day to be sober.
Welcome to the community. Have a good read around.

Lots of great people here to help give and get support from.
I hope to see you around.


Today is as good a day as any. I took the first step today too. Stay strong💚

You too!! You can do it!!! 100%%

Welcome welcome!!! I am so excited for your journey!!! I super duper love this forum!! nobody judges you and just give you so much great feed back!! I cant wait to see your progress!! Today is my 4th day with no alcohol, but I am an alcoholic it almost destroyed my life. Screw that!! I will not go down without a fight!! All I can say is to keep logging in, keep posting. Watever you FEEL anything even if it doesnt have to do with alcohol. Somebody will reach out and I guarantee you will feel better!!


Gonzolady, thank you so much for your great words of encouragement! Everyone has set backs and i think overcoming them has be the biggest strength!
Keep in touch