I Messed Up Again

Got drunk lastnight. Got into a fight with my roommate. I have really hit bottom now. Out of work. Worried and stressed. I am upset with myself. Day 1 today. Need to get through this. Thanks.


What have you been doing to stay sober? What isnt working?


Hang in there! I’ve had so many days of feeling that way and messing up over and over. Putting myself and others in the same position over and over. I’m 2 days in now because I know if we don’t make this change we’ll replay this awful feeling forever. Remember the way you feel right now (as much as you don’t want to) and use it as a tool to help you stay sober! Give it time, you will start to feel better, focus on the things and people you love!

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Maybe the grave yard shift for the new job? It’s hard to be aggravated by the same demons when you live a different shift.

I’d like to add TIME to the list of possible things one could shift like people, places, and things. Grave yard shift pays better, has you awake when your roommate sleeps and vice versa. Finally, more places to tempt you with a drink will be closed and if they’re open you’re likely to be at work. If you end up getting kicked out and camping in your car, its safer to sleep in it in the day, as well as warmer.

It’s just a desperate solution if you find yourself desperate.

I mean, and it goes without saying that we are all going to suggest 12 step or some other sort of social support from people with common struggles. There, you will find local solutions to the same problems if you’re brave enough to discuss them. In AA we kid around that there is the meeting and then there is the meeting before and the meeting after. Those would be the meetings to seek out how people got from where you are to where they are. Hopefully they have some old sobriety and people who got from dirty, desperate, drunk, and homeless to a picture of civility. They will tell you how if you ask. If they tell you to keep coming back, do that and ask again. The world belongs to the patient and the persistent.


There are answer for questions that cant be answered right now

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Sweetheart, I completely understand that so much. If you’d like to talk in private, send me a message

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I felt this way a week ago. Stay on this app as much as you possibly can. I feel like reading all of the positive things people say and post really lifts me up. Keep your mind running on positive thoughts. We all stumble. Pick yourself back up. You got this!!!

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Try a meeting might help wish you well

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I get anxiety alot. When it gets to be too much I always drink. I am now trying other ways to help me relax.


That is not a good feeling. We have all had our share of rotten day ones.
I second the idea of getting an evening job. I picked another part time evening job to help me stay on track.
Appologize to,your roommate and make active choices to stay sober today.